It depends on the current project we have running and at what stage they are at.

Every pool if different and the time taken to do a full renovation depends on several factors – weather good/bad, external works, whether the pool has a spa, rocks, ledges. If you give us a call we can give you a time frame based on your specific pool. If everything goes smoothly you are looking at 10 – 14 days, however, there are a lot of factors to consider.

We only use fine pebble (1-2mm smooth) so it’s not the old pebble of the 70’s & 80’s. It’s smooth underfoot and we use it because it’s durable. Checkout the Colour Options page for more information. We will recommend the best interior for your pool and go through the pro’s and cons of each when you give us a call on 0434 128 999

Pool coping is the cap or edging that lines the rim of your pool, you may also be known as pool edging or pool edge pavers. This edging can be made out of a variety of materials including natural stones such as blue or sandstone, pre-cast concrete pavers, which come in a variety of colours and textures or bricks.

To put in a new interior it is usually 2-3 days. There is a curing time, which is usually a week and like any pool renovation activities, factors like good/bad weather, size of the pool and extra features plays a part in determining the timeframe from start to finish.  

Waterlines tiles are the band of tiles (usually 200-300mm tiles) that are set directly under the pool coping and go down to the water line of the pool. They help with the appearance of the pool, the cleaning and they can help darken or lighten the pool based on their colour.

We suggest you visit the properties of some of our recent jobs. By seeing several recent pool restorations we’ve done you will be able to decide on the combination of pool interior, pool coping and waterline tiles that suits your pool project. Get in touch and we can make arrangements or call us on 0434 128 999 today

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