Pool Cleaning Services

Experience Quality Pool Cleaning Services in Melbourne

It goes without saying that your swimming pool needs to be clean for you to be safe and to get full use of it.

CooWee Pool Renovations offers a comprehensive cleaning option for your pool interior. In some circumstances your pool doesn’t need a full renovation but rather a professional pool clean. This can help extend the life of your pool for years to come and save you money.

Our pool cleaning service is perfect if your thinking of selling your home and would like to get maximum value for the property or you would like to see if the pool can be revived instead of renovated.

How Our Professional Pool Cleaning Works

Below are the step we take to do a comprehensive pool clean.

  1. We will need to remove any leaves, sticks and other debris from the water and the base of your pool
  2. We will then drain the old water
  3. Remove the slime and built up algae
  4. An acid wash will then be conducted
  5. Followed by a high pressure clean

This will ensure that everything has been removed and that your pool is looking better than ever. 

Local Cost Effective Pool Cleaning Experts

If you have any questions about professional concrete swimming pool cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us now on 0434 128 999. Our friendly staff members are always happy to assist with expert advice suited to your pool, lifestyle and budget.

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