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What is pool coping?

Pool coping is the edging that lines the rim of your pool, also commonly known as pool edge pavers. This edging can be made out of a variety of materials including natural stones, bricks or concrete pavers. When choosing the material for your pool coping there are a variety of colours and textures available to choose from. Also, there are many designs so you can be guaranteed to find pool coping that will suit your pool and it’s surrounds.

We will work with you to ensure that the material and design of your pool coping is best suited to the aesthetic of not only your outdoor area but your entire home. 

hand cut and shaped bluestone coping on a rectangular pool and spa
hand cut and shaped travertine

Pool Coping Designs:

  • Square Edge:    The edges of the pavers are square, resulting in a clean finish. This is a popular option as it gives off a contemporary and modern aesthetic and is available for a variety of different pool designs.
  • Drop Down Face:    When looking for a seamless finish this design is the way to go, the ‘Drop Down Face’ is made from tiles that have a lip, allowing them to fit over the edge of the pool, hiding the rim and making the surface of the water appear to be flush.
  • Bullnose:    This design is comprised of rounded edges, giving your pool a softer finish. The ‘Bullnose’ finish is a traditional style of coping, which comes in a number of different sub-designs, for example, half, sloping and rebated bullnose coping.
  • Tumbled Edge:    The ‘Tumbled Edge’ style gives a more rustic profile to the rim of a pool, this is due to the intentional use of uneven edging, this is a more unconventional design.

For more information on the different pool edge pavers or pool coping designs, give us a call on 0434 128 999.

travertine pool coping
hand cut and shaped bluestone coping

Pool Coping Materials:

  • Natural Stones – Bluestone, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate and Granite.

The use of natural stones is one of the most expensive pool coping options but is extremely durable, though some stones may need to be sealed. In harsh Australian conditions bluestone, sandstone and granite are some of the most popular pool coping materials due to their density and decreased porosity.

  • Bricks

Brick is a very cost effective coping option, that can be used to tie your pool in with the existing aesthetic of your outdoor area, fence or home.

  • Pre-Cast Concrete Pavers

These pavers  come in a variety of colours and textures, which can suit the pre-existing aesthetic of your home. They also come in a uniform thickness, so they will look even and give off a clean profile when laid.

These materials can easily be sealed, in order to prevent water from causing damage or staining around your pool.  Sealing helps to protect your coping against corrosives like chlorine, salt and water runoff, it also protects from constant exposure to the elements.  Similarly, a non-slip coating or product, with an engineered slip resistance is also crucial when protecting your family and friends from any risk of accidents around your pool.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Steve and Dave and the boys were amazing! Very happy with the end result! They came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. Cheers lads!
Thanks to Steve and David for their great upgrade to my pool. Their advice was sound , workmanship excellent and their general respect for our pool area during the renovation was outstanding. I would recommend CooWee Pools to anyone looking for a quality job done on time!
Bob & Jane
I would like to thank Steve and his workers on a fantastic job they did on my pool, nothing was too much to ask of them. Their workmanship was first class and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to do a pool renovation.

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